Pennellificio Del Lago

We produce paint brushes for over sixty years!

We produce paint brushes for over sixty years!

Production and sale of professional paint brushes and for the "do it yourself"

Pennellificio Del Lago Pennellificio Del Lago

Production of paint brushes for wholesalers

Pennellificio del lago is a company that carries out the production of paint brushes primarily for large surfaces. Over the years, despite inserting automated machinery, has never abandoned the craftsmanship with the aim of offering high quality products. The flexibility of production, the experience gained over time as well as the great attention paid to the needs of individual customers, allow us to offer custom brushes can respond to any need.

All this has been achieved thanks to the ability to introduce new raw materials proposed by various suppliers that, in the last decade, have revolutionized the market. In this way Pennellificio del Lago became producer of paint brushes mural always in line with the news of the moment. The sale of various products is directed exclusively to the wholesale markets both domestic and foreign; it is therefore the production of large numbers of batches which is carried out in the shortest possible time so as to provide a timely delivery. The best confirmation of the work is entrusted to the clients with which Pennellificio del Lago collaborating for years.